Yup, it's all about me! me! ME!

Hi, I'm Jeff.  I've always thought of myself as a fairly regular guy.  I did the whole normal thing.  I went to college... got thrown out of college... went again.  At some point I grew up and started shouldering my responsibilities.  I graduated cum laude from the computer science degree at California State University, Sacramento.  I went on to a career in consulting for quite some time doing various software development projects.  Over time though, I got to wondering why every project seemed to be late, over-cost, and under-performing.  This eventually led me into formal software engineering, project management, and finally management.  In short, by trade, I've always been a geek of one sort or another.  Thinking of me as a corporate cog would've been really accurate up until a few years ago.

At that point, I'd left working for Intel and started spending way more focus on life -- particularly my marriage.  Then this whole "let's move to Canada" thing came up.  And suddenly my nice, sedate little mainstream world was all topsy-turvy.  A new country has brought me a new life and a new outlook on things.  I'm actually civically active now -- I participate in two different non-profits.  Heck, most recently the Occupy Wall Street movement has even turned me into a political activist.  I NEVER in a million years would've guessed that.  

Aside from volunteering, I'm working on setting up a business here in Victoria doing web design and development.  Of course I have techncial skills from my career and I'm enjoying picking up more of them.  But more interesting is how I'm enjoying using that other side of my brain... the artistic side.  I can't believe how much "fun" I have nowadays agonizing over font selections, decorations and colors.  It's really been a great opportunity to marry some old skills with some new ones and I'm enjoying it greatly.

Welcome to our blog.  I hope you found whatever it was you were looking for.


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